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ShivaPuri Baba

As instructed by Grandfather,he started for World Tour with some precious jewels.

He passed 40 years in traveling . He visited Afghanistan via Khyber Pass. He visited Russia, Iran, Mecca, Saudi Arabia, Rome Turkey, Greece, England, Scotland, America, Mexico Japan, China and several other countries. He met renowned Indian Saints like Aurobindo, Ramakrishna Paramahansa, Vivekananda etc .

He stayed nearly 3 years in England and had around 18 meetings with Queen Victoria of England.

Among the prominent figures, he met Albert Einstein, Madame Curie and several other dignitaries including religious and political leaders. He stayed with Leo Tolstoy in Russia. Mansarovar, Kailash was also the pilgrim place covered during his world tour.

He visited Varanasi, when Madan Mohan Malaviya was collecting donation to establish Banaras Hindu University. He donated 50 thousands rupees for the University. He was offered Chancellorship but rejected the offer. He met the famous Indian Astrologer B.G.Tilak, in Baroda, India and taught little bit Astronomy to him.



"Till God is known, nothing in known"

-Shri Shivapuri Baba