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ShivaPuri Baba

The purpose of this web site is to introduce the great saint of this universe infront of all those seekers of this planet earth walking on their path towards Self Realisation and thereby God Realisation.

We hope the content presented on this web site will provide you some important informations about Baba. We also welcome your warm suggestions and comments about this web site. Moreover we also welcome you to visit this beautiful ashram of Shivapuri Baba located at Kathmandu Valley near Pashupati Nath Temple before your death once upon a time during your life time.

Ashram Location : Kathmandu,Nepal near pashupatinath Temple( 5 minute walking from Golf Play Ground)

Contact Person of Ashram : Shri Bishnu Timalsina .                                        

Ph: 977-1-4470953     

Samadhi Temple of Baba where we meditate


"Everything goes against us, till we know God."

-Shri Shivapuri Baba

सच्चा चलन से चलना । ईश्वरका भक्ति करना ।।